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Mystik Miller

Mystik, a West Virginia native, has been an energetic leader in the nonprofit sector since returning to her home state in 2016. It was while volunteering in Greenbrier County during the flood that she remembered how wonderful and magical a place this is and it sealed her decision to move back. Ever since then, she has worked in the nonprofit sector, organizing and supporting communities to achieve their goals. A enthusiastic organizer, she has fostered several groups that work together to make their communities better.

An avid caver, she got pulled into the rescue world after helping find a lost person in a cave. Recruited into her fire department, she discovered a new passion and way to help her community. Since then she has increased her skills through a variety of training and even earned her EMT. She is a proud member of Valley Head Volunteer Fire Department, a rope rescue technician, and a member of the Central Appalachian Cave Rescue Team.